Transforming existing objects, with an artistic flair or otherwise, to give them a different use or a new lease of life is a concept that has been around for many years, something known as usage economy.



The term ‘upcycling’ is modern, trendy and has developed from movements such as the Fashion Revolution or the Upcycling Art Show.


Both call for products to be re-evaluated by using artistic creativity to transform them into a new object with a new life.


But of course, not everyone has the means, imagination or skills to become an upcycler.


We propose adopting this mindset of creative reuse or upcycling from the very moment we start thinking about the design of a specific packaging, something like an UPDESIGN.


This involves nothing more than asking ourselves as designers, what can we do with this box once we’ve taken the product out of it?


The fact is, we develop and create beautiful, sturdy boxes with extraordinary materials and finishes, a process that always involves a great deal of design, refinement and focus on sustainability.


This is particularly the case for special campaigns such as Christmas, where creativity goes into overdrive in terms of format and decoration to offer an incredible variety of beautiful boxes and cases.


So it’s a crying shame that these items don’t get years of use in the end consumer’s home.


Having a design that offers a second life from the moment we approach it is a solution that can provide added value to the packaging as well as to our brand.


Besides, don’t you think UPDESIGN is another way to connect with the user? Another way of surprising, creating experience or emotional marketing? We do

Or another way to surprise, create an experience or a form of emotional marketing?


We do.

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