Loewe Paula’s Ibiza

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza

On summer 2020, Loewe had launched its new fragrance Paula’s Ibiza.

As described by the maison de luxe: it’s an spontaneous and carefree composition: a bottled up scapism.

And what a packaging! : a rainbow of gradients and a light blue cap sheathed in a box, that shows one of the iconic prints of the Paula’s boutique founders Armin Heinemann y Stuart Rudnick, mermaids swimming among red corals, seaweed and seahorses.

The box, was produce in Salinas, in its automatic round boxes Emmeci machine.

As Salinas said:  It’s a pride for us to take part in projects like this. Through each one, we learn big lessons of our customers. Their extremely and exquisite sense of detail, their motivation to look for the totally quality and the synthesis that involves to relay in a bottle and a box such amount of ideas, concepts and feelings.

The box is a balance between simplicity and complexity: to make the difficult work easy. 

Since moving that “green Ibiza” from a cotton fabric to a matt paper with canvas texture without losing intensities, to having a high control of tolerances in automatic lining process to managed that everything “stay at it’s place”.

All these details has achieved to reach a very evocative set of all these values of hippie movement in which it is inspired by.

In this moments that we all live, perfume with optimism is more necessary than ever.

Thank you very much to for letting us share this great news.


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